Board of Health

1529 State Road
Richmond, MA 01254

The Board of Health participates  in promoting, protecting and sustaining environmental and public health.  We also look to further enhance health and safeguard the environment by assessing community needs and to provide prevention, protection, and educational resources to ensure the highest quality of life within the Town of Richmond.


MassDEP is pleased to announce the release of the Massachusetts version of the U.S. EPA online tool called “Be Well Informed” (BWI).  This tool allows private well-owners to anonymously compare their lab results to state or federal standards or guidelines that exist for public drinking water. The tool also provides information about any potential health risks, and known water treatment options available to homeowners.

 The BWI tool may  be obtained at the following EPA web page:

  1. From here, select “browse as guest” at top right side of web page.
  2. Agree to the “conditions of use”.
  3. The Be Well Informed tool is at the top left side of the next web page.
  4. Open the dropdown menu arrow in the box labeled “Select a State/Tribe” and select “Massachusetts”, then click on the “check your water” box.
  5. A data entry page will open for the entry of water quality results.
  6. There is also a “State/Tribe Resources” menu item at the top of the data entry page where you may obtain links to information that is relevant to private well owners from MassDEP, MADPH, EPA, and other entities.

 Public Office Hours

Wednesday 9:00AM-2:30PM

Monthly Meetings
First Tuesday 6:00PM
Richmond Town Hall

Louise Maron

Andrew Fisher
Tony Segal
Peter Cohen
Fred Schubert

Health Agent
John Olander

Food Establishment Permit $50.00 
Food Establishment Permit (temporary) $25.00 
Installation of Septic System $75.00 
Septic System Permit - Complete System (engineering plan to review) $100.00
Septic System Repair Permit (minor repairs) $50.00 
Well Permit $50.00 
Title V Inspection Witness  $25.00/hr, $50.00 minimum 
Percolation Tests  $25.00/hr, $75.00 minimum 
Recreational Camp  $50.00 
Bathing Beach  $25.00 

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