Planning Board

The Planning Board plans for the development and preservation of Richmond's physical resources through the creation of the Town's Zoning By-Law and by administering the subdivision of land.

Key responsibilities include:
  • Review and act on Approval Not Required (ANR) subdivision plans;
  • Review and act on plans for subdivisions;
  • Review and act on site plan reviews;
  • Act as a Special Permit Granting Authority; and 
  • Review and preparation of amendments to the Town's Zoning By-Law
Monthly Meeting
Second Monday of the month at 6:30 PM 
Richmond Town Hall

Planning Board Members  5-year Term Ends: 
 John Hanson, Chairperson         2020
 Richard Bell  2024
 Katherine Keenum  2022
 Peter Lopez  2021
 Douglas Bruce  2023

Address mail to: Planning Board, 1529 State Road, Richmond, MA  01254

Go to DOCUMENT CENTER for Planning Board Fees, Subdivision Rules and Regulations, and Forms. Hard copies are also available at Town Hall.
Go to BYLAWS AND REGULATIONS for Zoning Bylaws, Zoning Map, Official Town Map of Richmond Roads.
Go to RICHMOND MA GIS to view geographic mapping information for land/property in Richmond, MA.
Go to AGENDAS and MINUTES for Planning Board meeting information.