Frequently Asked Questions

How do I reach the Governor's Western MA Office?

When is Town Hall open?

How do I register to vote? Who may register to vote?

What must I do if I changed my address since January 1 or since I registered to vote?

How do I register my dog?

What is the recycling pick up schedule?

How do I obtain a marriage license?

When is the Library open?

Does the Library have free Wi-Fi?

Does the Library have a Fax machine?

How often are public beaches tested for water quality?

How long are Title 5 Inspections of septic system or cesspool valid?

I am selling my house. Do I need to have the septic system inspected?

Are there any records for my well on file at the Board of Health?

How do I request a ride from the Council On Aging?

Where can I find information about Medicare?

How do I sign up to receive the bi-monthly COA newsletter?

What are the office hours of the Building Inspector?

What do I do if I feel my property assessment is overvalued or the information is incorrect?

Is there any type of property tax exemption available?

Do I have a grace period on my real estate, person property, sewer betterment, and sewer operation and maintenance bills?

What do I do if I sell my vehicle, move to another state, or transfer my registration?

If I traded my vehicle in do I still need to pay my motor vehicle excise tax bill?

Do we need a permit to cut down a dead tree near Richmond Pond?

Do we need a permit to open up a better view from our home on Lenox Mountain?

Do I need a permit to put in a swimming pool near Furnace Brook?