Conservation Commission

The Conservation Commission is responsible for the protection and preservation of natural resources in the town. Specifically the Commission protects the water quality and wildlife habitat of ponds, rivers, streams, vegetated wetlands and mountain watershed resource areas. This is accomplished by protecting the filtering buffer zones around or along these resource areas. In addition the mountain watersheds and scenic elevations above 1300 ft. are protected by the Scenic Mountain Act. Any land disturbing activity within the resource areas or their buffer zones protected by these acts requires an application to the Conservation Commission with either a Request for Determination of Applicability or a Notice of Intent. The Commission administers, and is guided by, the Wetland Protection Act (MGL, Ch 131, s40), the Rivers Protection Act (Ch. 258 of the Acts of 1996) and the Scenic Mountain Act (MGL, Ch 131, s39A) as implemented if applicable by local bylaws, regulations and process instructions.

Monthly Meeting
Second Tuesday 6:30PM
Hybrid (In-person & Zoom)
Richmond Town Hall

Agent Office Hours
Thursdays, by appointment - 9:30 AM - 12:30 PM
Please call 413-298-0044 / 413-553-7792
Site visits scheduled independently as needed

Conservation Agent 

Kimberly Wetherell
Richmond Town Hall
1751 State Road
Richmond, MA 01254

Commission Members

Ernie Smith- Chair

Tom Potter-Vice Chair

Adam Weinberg

Patrick Seckler

Ronald Veillette

Karen O'Donnell

Rebecca Lord

Applicant Instructions and WPA forms:

All Scenic Mountain Applications                                           $150.00
Wetlands Request for Determination $150.00
Notice of Intent (See Regulations 310 CMR 10.

Go to DOCUMENT CENTER for Conservation Commission Regulations, Forms and Applications

Updated Wetlands Permitting forms may also be found here: