Richmond's Hazard Mitigation and Municipal Vulnerability Preparedness (HM-MVP) Plan

Richmond’s Hazard Mitigation and Municipal Vulnerability Preparedness (HM-MVP) Plan

The Town of Richmond has been updating its Hazard Mitigation Plan with an extended focus on climate resilience. The process to develop the plan has included:

  • Convening a core team of municipal department heads and leaders who provided key input through meetings, online surveys, and interviews.
  • Engaging the public through a Community Resilience Building Workshop and an interactive public video and survey.
  • Conducting a vulnerability and risk assessment of historic hazards and the potential impact of climate change.
  • Reviewing progress on the previous hazard mitigation plan.
  • Documenting the Town’s capacity to mitigate and respond to hazards.
  • Developing an action and implementation strategy.

A summary of the results were presented at a recent online meeting, the report is available here along with a recording of that meeting here . We hope you will take a moment to review the final report and provide your comments at this link. The comment form will be available until April 10, and all feedback will be captured in the final HMP-MVP report.

The planning process was funded through the Municipal Vulnerability Preparedness (MVP) Grant program, which provides technical and financial support for cities and towns across the Commonwealth to plan for, and mitigate the impacts from, climate change. By completing this project, Richmond will be eligible for state MVP Action Grants and Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Grants.